The project

The word "escape" in our project stands for two meanings: escape from the stressful everyday life and escape from the unspeakable politics in Europe. It is only a matter of time before the financial system collapses. Then mass unemployment and turmoil follow. The enormous debts of our money system are faced with just as high a fortune, and the German state will unscrupulously confiscate these assets and expropriate property owners. He always did and will do it again. As always, the main victim will not be the super rich, but the middle class.

Create, create, house

Above you can see the current construction progress.
Project Manager - Michael Becker


The large building with the ten units is 30 by 12 meters in size.One unit is about six times 10.5 meters tall.

The pool is about 28 meters long, of which three meters children's pool. House 1 and 4 have a floor space of approximately 6.5 times 11.5 meters.

The double house of Oliver Janich and Michael Becker has a floor space of approx. 17.5 by 14.5 meters and consists only of one floor, so that the upper apartments have free sea view.
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